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Automated LinkedIn lead generation is recognised worldwide as highly effective: studies have found that 80% of B2B leads generated through social media come from LinkedIn marketing, so why don’t you take advantage of the platform? When looking to expand your business and pull in potential customers – LinkedIn is the go-to network. By providing LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn automation tools, your business is all set up to connect with your target audience and enhance your marketing efforts.  Below we explore the top #5 reasons why digital and automation tools enhance lead generation for businesses.

#1. Automated LinkedIn Lead Generation Tools - Why Are They Important?

Automation is vital for lead generation and is incredibly efficient for busy businesses to reach prospects on LinkedIn. People struggle to find the time to consistently do this manually, and with the option to automate actions such as sending personalised messages will reduce your costs and marketing efforts whilst reaching an even wider yet specific audience. At Lead Magic we can take these repetitive tasks off your hands, creating highly targeted campaigns and copy directed at LinkedIn profiles interested in what you have to offer, so you spend more time talking to people via LinkedIn messages who are genuinely interested in what you have to say. For Lead Magic to work effectively, you’ll need to ensure the Linkedin profile you’re connected to has LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

Automation tools present a great ROI, especially when the management of your campaigns & appointment bookings can be made externally. This can save time for your sales team and enable you to spend more time in growing other vital areas of your business. Here at Lead Magic we offer a Premium package which will take care of all of the lead generation essentials for your business from start to finish, this includes:

  • Account Set Up For You
  • Ongoing Platform Support
  • Highly Engaging Sales Copy
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • One hour monthly business strategy call (limited offer only)
  • Fully Managed Inbox
  • Booked Appointments with Decision Makers


We also offer lower priced package options which you can find here called Lead Magic and Lead Magic Pro, providing a cost-effective system catering both SMEs and larger businesses.

#2. The Death Of Cold Calling. Why Automated Tools Are Winning.

The outbound selling strategy of cold calling only has a 2.5% success rate, which is understandable. Cold calling can be a hassle for both you and potential customers. People don’t want to be disturbed at work or equally at home in their spare time, and this inconvenience can jeopardise your businesses reputation from just one call. With technology now at the fore-front of most business marketing ventures, automated LinkedIn lead generation tools provided are being recognised as the most effective way to contact customers. From the moment you make that first connection, you want to make a positive impression and allow your potential customer to feel comfortable in the conversation. Cold calling can do the opposite, putting people on the spot and not allowing them to respond in their own time, which is what automated messaging has to offer.

With 92% of B2B marketers including LinkedIn in their digital marketing mix, we can see the benefits LinkedIn tools are having on businesses’ lead generation strategies. LinkedIn is said to have 2x the buying power of average web audiences, and with the Sales Navigator you can make advanced and directed searches even easier. The tools here allow you to reach relevant LinkedIn accounts, gain & send connection requests and become noticeable with profile views. By understanding your audience and using the advanced filters LinkedIn offers, we are able to start a campaign focused on people who are truly interested in what you are offering.

#3. Using Automated LinkedIn Lead Generation Tools For Your Sales Funnel

Using automation tools such as Lead Magic is a brilliant way to drive potential customers into your sales funnel. Even if they don’t buy from you immediately, you have formed a personal relationship and can re-communicate via email campaigns & social selling in the future. Building these relationships with your potential customers is vital to the growth and trust people have in your business. It is important to gain these loyal connections as they can lead to becoming a recurring customer and create positive word of mouth with family and friends, increasing your customer base.


Once these connections have been made, your social media platforms and personal connections will see an increase, which is essential in receiving credibility for your business. By generating leads you will also build on your subscribers list and be able to share new campaigns with a wider audience; 80% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention.

#4. Sales Management

CRM should be used by every sales team to ensure an increase in profits for a business. These platforms provide a hub for you to manage your relationship with both customers and potential customers. Figures reveal that the number of businesses using CRM since 2008 has risen from 12% to 87%, and we can see why! CRM platforms provide a centre for your business. You are able to manage marketing campaigns, share opportunities with colleagues, track sales, and manage your deal flow. Once you have found your customers, it can be hard to maintain these strong long-lasting relationships. CRM systems enable you to access the information on your customers and break down the data to focus on how you can better understand your audience and interact with them. We like and recommend Capsule CRM, but there are others such as HubSpot (FREE) and Octopus CRM.

#5. Lead Magic

Lead Magic is a Cloud Based software. Unlike many Chrome Extension plugins which can be unreliable and only work when your computer is on and active, we provide a results-driven lead generation system combining human and machine. 


By using the power of LinkedIn and our automation tools, you will have leads flying into your inbox. We’ve worked with a huge variety of different sectors including financial solutions, waste & recycling, technology, music & entertainment, plus many more. So we are certain we can create a campaign for your business and generate anywhere from 5 – 15 leads per week.


You will be given access to our Lead Magic dashboard which shows the success of each campaign, ensuring you are part of the Lead Magic journey with us and are able to follow every connection made. Choose one of our 3 packages today and get in touch to have your account set up within minutes by one of our dedicated account managers. What are you waiting for?

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