Automated LinkedIn Messaging

Automated LinkedIn Messaging

Automated LinkedIn Messaging is essential for businesses and people to connect with the right people, and as a social networking platform, is only on the rise; the platform sees around 173,000 new LinkedIn profiles every day and about 62 million new profiles every year. LinkedIn lead generation is recognised as one of the most effective social media platforms to drive social selling, with 80% of B2B leads being generated directly from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator


LinkedIn accounts with premium, which are now available as a chrome extension, are able to access the sales navigator section as well as understanding who is behind your profile views. The sales navigator allows access to all of the tools for LinkedIn which enhance your LinkedIn marketing experience. The filter area acts as a powerful tool allowing you to narrow down the huge amount of users to your specific target audience by means of geographical location and profession, and start worthwhile conversations with the people who care about what you do. 

You are then able to auto connect, and send personalized messages using automated LinkedIn messaging to potential customers which is pivotal to generating leads for your business. Not only do you have access to these highly effective tools, but you are also able to stay organised and keep track of all of your potential leads and account lists, with up-to-date alerts on changes made to your account. This can be incredibly convenient for larger businesses without the time to check these details regularly.

Sales Navigator Team and Enterprise is also available via this area, which with addition to the previous LinkedIn automation tools, you are able to assign seats by importing a CSV file upload, and use the CRM sync to provide and support your team with the top insights in your industry on their current and potential leads.

Why Automated LinkedIn Messaging Is Important For Your Business

When marketing using messaging through a platform like LinkedIn, you are able to find and direct messages to people who are most important to your sales. As a business, sending messages allows you to think of personalised messages directed at your target audience which are highly targeted for your CTA. You are able to connect one-on-one virtually allowing a sense of importance in your potential customers, which is key in building long lasting relationships for your organisation. Automated messaging not only allows larger businesses to grow and thrive, but SMEs are able to make new connections and flourish.

Why Cold Calling Is Not As Effective As Automated Messaging

Cold calling can be time-consuming for you, and a hassle for the person on the other end. Businesses need to recognise that this technique, often, can take up an unnecessary amount of time with little to no leads, which could be spent using much more tactical marketing techniques. People don’t want to be called and disturbed on their time off or equally at work; messages allow people to reply in their own time, resulting in a much happier experience and time to think and really understand if their product is right for them. Calling someone out of the blue catches them off guard and can be uncomfortable, hence the 1-3% success rate for getting an initial appointment through it. To bluntly put it, cold calling is annoying and highly un effective, with figures showing that around 90% of buyers never respond to an unsolicited call and 88% of buyers will have nothing to do with cold callers. Many people seem to think that by cold calling, you are creating an instant connection and are able to sell your product clearly and quickly… But this un-invited call can come across as desperate and result in an irritated customer who will have no interest now or in the future, leading to a bad reputation. So, what could your business be doing differently?

Lead Magic

Here at Lead Magic we can take the stress off your shoulders. Unlike many other marketing agencies, we genuinely care about what you do and are highly motivated in driving sales. We will tailor each campaign directly to your company to ensure maximum results using our incredible lead generation system, which has a proven track record in multiple sectors. We also are able to write highly engaging sales copy for your business to pull in and persuade potential customers to connect with the service you are offering. With our variety of packages ranging from £399 to £1095, we tailor to both larger businesses and SMEs, and provide a free trial demo to ensure you have your full trust in our incredible system. We can have your account set up within minutes with one of our dedicated account managers, who are here to help your business shine. Become part of the magic with one of our packages today and let your leads fly in without lifting a finger.

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