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B2B Lead Generation is the process of gaining interest from potential business customers, boosting your business growth and generating future sales. The valuable element of B2B LinkedIn lead generation is the extent to which you can create high-quality and tailored leads. Particularly with the use of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, businesses can expand their professional network and generate leads. By tailoring searches and targeting specific industries, geographical areas, seniority level, and more, your business can find new and interested clients. 

Statistically, LinkedIn is 277% more effective at generating leads than Twitter and Facebook. B2B companies, in particular, make up a large percentage of those who use LinkedIn as a marketing and lead generation platform. In fact, 97% of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn for lead generation.

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How To Optimise Your LinkedIn Lead Generation

B2B Marketing on LinkedIn is crucial to generate leads within your target audience. That being said, there are steps you should take yourself to ensure your linkedin profile or company page is high-quality to ensure optimum levels of lead traffic and conversion. Here are three tips to improve the quality of your linkedin page and professional networking to obtain more LinkedIn Leads: 

Check that Headline

Most LinkedIn profiles’ headline tends to be the classic “job title – company.” If you wish to use your LinkedIn as a marketing platform to increase B2B lead generation, your headline needs to be much more enticing. Make it stand out. You have 120 characters to draw in potential clients, use them! Promote yourself and your business, explain what YOU can do for THEM. 

Make your profile clickable

In order to turn curious LinkedIn profile observers into new clients, your LinkedIn profile must have multiple conversion actions available. This can be in your profile summary, through showcase pages on your company page, or in your recent posts. The idea is to drive leads and enquiries to a landing page, perhaps through promotion of a free resource or demo. LinkedIn is perfect to create new leads, but without a simple way to convert them to your company site, these potential clients can be lost. 

Utilise the LinkedIn Ad function to share Sponsored Content 

LinkedIn offers the service of promoting your content. This can help boost a post on your company page, and come up frequently on others’ feeds, increasing exposure. This is a better alternative to other sponsored platform functions, such as google ads, because the promotion is much more targeted. LinkedIn allows you to decide on the specific audiences you wish to target your posts at. This helps your company come into contact with decision makers, increasing the probability of strong leads and new clients. 

Be active and visible

It is crucial to have an enticing and informative profile, and spread sponsored ads to prospective clients. However, without engaging directly with real people in your network yourself, you could pass off as impersonal and all work no play. You’re on a social network platform afterall … be social! One way this can be achieved is to join LinkedIn groups. This can help your business’ name become more prevalent within your industry, as you can link with like-minded people and expand your network. Joining LinkedIn groups also helps you follow the experts in your field, and witness how they create leads and market successfully. 

Another way to make you and your business more active is through engaging on your feed with your connections. By commenting on others’ posts, and sharing interesting and relevant content, your profile and business becomes more visible. Commenting, in particular, makes your profile appear more frequently in others’ feeds, due to the LinkedIn algorithm. 

By engaging in LinkedIn groups and with other profiles on your feed, you increase the chance of you and your business’ name being more recognised. It also increases the credibility of your business as you’re active within your network, demonstrating knowledge and interest. 

Use Lead Magic 

All four of the above top tips help optimise your LinkedIn profile. However, Lead Magic’s automation tool is unrivalled in its success in generating a lead on LinkedIn. Lead Magic is the final step in successful B2B LinkedIn lead generation.

Lead Magic

Lead Magic is an automation tool crucial in generating new clients for your business. Working alongside LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, we help you create personalised and highly targeted lead generation. We do this through creating lists of leads within your target audience, and creating bespoke and engaging sales copy tailored directly to your business to send to these potential leads. 

The success of our tailored service is proven by our previous clients’ successes and the varied nature of these clients’ industries. From business recycling organisations, to tech start-ups, our platform helps businesses generate B2B leads. Lead Magic is a cloud-based system with a human touch. It can run in the background as you focus on your business’ day to day running, without the fear of spamming or uncaptivating generic outreach to leads. Our platform works by increasing views on LinkedIn profiles, connecting with tailored leads, and sending highly engaging and bespoke sales copy, written by our devoted team. Within a few months, or even earlier, our client have seen a positive Return of Investment from using our platform. 

We have a live dashboard which reports back to you in real time. This dashboard demonstrates detailed information about the progress of your B2B lead generation campaign. Our system is accessible and straightforward, ensuring ease in tracking success and ROI.

We have three different packages we offer, all of which are tailored to different business’ needs. Depending on your industry type, internal marketing skills, and budget, Lead Magic has a package for you. This reinforces our ability to offer bespoke services for any and every business in need of improving B2B lead generation.

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