Marketing Lead Generation Services

marketing lead generation services

Lead generation through a marketing campaign is a crucial way to generate new sales leads. With the growth of social media and digital marketing, the options for lead generation have blossomed. There are a number of marketing lead generation services that can assist your business in new clients and b2b sales. Here are some pros […]

Lead Generation for Construction Companies

lead generation for construction companies

Are you looking to land more customers for your construction business? If the answer is YES, we have a proven and cost effective solution which will deliver more inbound leads to your sales team. Our lead generation system will generate highly targeted, niche leads for your business. Lead generation for construction companies has never been […]

Automated Linkedin Lead Generation


Automated LinkedIn lead generation is recognised worldwide as highly effective: studies have found that 80% of B2B leads generated through social media come from LinkedIn marketing, so why don’t you take advantage of the platform? When looking to expand your business and pull in potential customers – LinkedIn is the go-to network. By providing LinkedIn […]

Lead Generation Using LinkedIn

lead generation using linkedin

Lead Generation Lead Generation is a crucial element of any sales and marketing department in a business. Lead generation is how businesses initiate consumer interest, and thus leads are invaluable for any business offering a product or service. Creating a successful lead generation campaign will ensure a rise in new clients, and thus a rise […]

Lead Generation Tools For LinkedIn


LinkedIn as a social networking platform has been widely celebrated by professionals and marketing experts for its powerful lead generation tools leading to potential customers and connection requests. Below Lead Magic explores why this is, what the tools are, and what the lead generation tools for LinkedIn have to offer vs. other platforms. Lead Generation […]

Automated LinkedIn Messaging

Automated LinkedIn Messaging

Automated LinkedIn Messaging is essential for businesses and people to connect with the right people, and as a social networking platform, is only on the rise; the platform sees around 173,000 new LinkedIn profiles every day and about 62 million new profiles every year. LinkedIn lead generation is recognised as one of the most effective […]

LinkedIn Lead Generation Software

linkedin lead generation software

Despite the growing popularity of LinkedIn as a platform for lead generation, the availability of LinkedIn lead generation software is hard to come by. Lead Magic is a linkedin automation tool which sends automated connections on LinkedIn to personalised sales prospects. Here’s why your business needs Lead Magic to expand your client network and boost […]

How To Create Captivating Visual Content on Your LinkedIn

How To Create Captivating Visual Content on Your LinkedIn

Creating captivating content on your LinkedIn is crucial in expanding your network and developing trusted and close links with your connections. Lead Magic is here to help you ensure you are creating engaging and captivating content on your LinkedIn.  There are two main reasons why people engage daily or monthly on LinkedIn. The first is […]

Lead Generation Campaign on LinkedIn

lead generation campaign on linkedin

Lead Magic is here to help ensure the most successful lead generation campaign on Linkedin. Generating high quality leads is crucial for businesses, new and old, but particularly for startups or those entering a new market. Social media has become the key method for launching new marketing campaigns.  LinkedIn advertising, however, is unlike other social […]

LinkedIn Stories – Everything You Need To Know

LinkedIn has just launched an amazing new feature: LinkedIn Stories. This social media feature allows you to post photos and videos with added text, gifs, and filters, lasting 24 hours. LinkedIn did not create this concept, however, Snapchat conceived it back in October of 2013. Since then, almost all other social media platforms have adopted […]