Five of the Best Pages You Need To Follow On LinkedIn

five best linkedin pages

We scoured through LinkedIn to find our favourite pages. From the content they post, to the ethos they promote, we believe these five pages are worth a follow to enrich yourself and your LinkedIn.

TED Conferences

ted conference

The TED Conferences page is a must to follow to expand your knowledge on a range of business and life related topics. The nonprofit has taken the digital world by storm in the last two decades. They share short, powerful speeches by industry leaders and experts, from their TED conferences which take place around the globe. Their posts, which cover a vast range of topics, are in over 100 different languages. The accessibility and length of their videos create perfect content for LinkedIn’s global and fast-paced platform. Their page provides snippets of in-depth knowledge, allowing users to expand their inward-facing industry knowledge, and their wider general knowledge.



Teleperformance is an outsourced omnichannel customer experience management company. They came first in the Top 10 LinkedIn pages of 2019, so, of course, had to be included … and rightly so! Their meritorious use of native video, which is colourful, engaging, and relatable, demonstrates their success. Their posts are easily digestible and simple, which results in high engagement due to accessibility. They frequently feature their company leaders in their content, which works to humanise the brand.

Plastic Expert

plastic expert

Plastic Expert is a UK based recycling company for businesses. Plastic expert posts frequently, with digestible and accessible content about the nature of contemporary environmental issues. Their LinkedIn page is the go-to place for businesses to keep up-to-date with environmental issues directly affecting and involving the business world.


This New York based broadcast media page is crucial for any LinkedIn user with an interest in new and innovative technology and ideas. Essentially, everyone! Cheddar shares all the latest viral or innovative products on their feed, engaging with LinkedIn multiple times per day. This page is great for your daily dose of new and exciting products or viral videos. Their posts are shareable and popular, helping you enrich your own LinkedIn profile. 



Jabil is an electronic and electrical manufacturing company, however, their place in this list has no relation to their industry or business successes. Jabil’s content is worth following due to their exemplary engagement with local and global causes, through their #JabilCares initiative. Not only do they draw attention to causes such as Breast Cancer Awareness and Veteran’s Day, but they engage in these initiatives on a local, physical level. Jabil’s linkedin demonstrates how online awareness on LinkedIn must be combined with physical engagement and responsibility through community work and promoting diversity.

Lead magic

If you’re looking to generate more leads on LinkedIn, make sure you follow the Lead Magic LinkedIn page.

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