How To Create Captivating Visual Content on Your LinkedIn

How To Create Captivating Visual Content on Your LinkedIn

Creating captivating content on your LinkedIn is crucial in expanding your network and developing trusted and close links with your connections. Lead Magic is here to help you ensure you are creating engaging and captivating content on your LinkedIn. 

There are two main reasons why people engage daily or monthly on LinkedIn. The first is to discover relevant content that benefits their career or efficacy within their industry. The second is to create and share content with the aim of becoming more visible to prospective business partners, employers, and co-workers. 

Our aim is to help you develop the latter, in order to contribute to the former. 

As only 1% of LinkedIn’s monthly users create weekly content, posting content on your LinkedIn feed will reach much farther than it would on any other social media platform. Here are our tips to help develop your LinkedIn presence through content posting.

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Tips for Great Visual Content

Visual content is processed 60 thousand times faster than text content, and therefore it’s important to invest a great deal of time and skills into creating top quality visual content. 

Videos are an engaging and fun way to enhance your LinkedIn content. With the rise of TikTok, Youtube, Instagram stories and reels, and Facebook videos, digital content of this sort has increased in popularity across social media. 

One method to create engaging video content is through video series. Creating a short video series that you post weekly with a combined hashtag is a good way for people to repeatedly engage in your content. Hashtags like #oliviachats or #staystrongstaysmart are examples of the kinds of recognisable hashtags you could replicate on your profile. By creating a miniseries, you are encouraging profiles to come back for more. In addition, by using the hashtag, it encourages others to join in on the conversation, using the hashtag to create response videos. 

Another method to create killer video or image content is case studies. Create content with real people from within your business. It allows potential clients to visualise your company culture, humanising your company. These posts also celebrate high performing employees, which heightens employee morale. Monthly, choose an employee to celebrate, and post a video or image of this co-worker with the story of their career progression. 

Case studies do not have to be just related to your internal business however. Many successful LinkedIn profiles and company pages will post case studies from happy customers and clients too. These are often heartwarming. An example could be: ‘watch how Johnathon used LinkedIn advanced search to find his long lost brother.’ 

Another popular image-based content post is infographics. Visual and easy to read statistics do extremely well on LinkedIn. Take stand out statistics from outside case studies and research to demonstrate your knowledge. Place the statistic on a tile with other graphics to make it more engaging. Statistics are successful because they’re easy to read and understand, but sharing them demonstrates you have a quantitative understanding of the industry. 

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