How To Generate Sales Through LinkedIn

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One of business’ key issues to tackle is how to generate sales leads. In contemporary marketing strategies, digital marketing has taken the forefront in generating sales. This is a reaction to the growing prevalence of technology in the business world and day to day life. Businesses spend millions on hiring the best marketing experts to help generate new sales through social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have often been regarded as the ideal platform to achieve this goal. LinkedIn often gets overlooked in its value as a marketing tool. In fact, LinkedIn is perfect for making lasting client relationships through social selling. The structure of the platform means you have physical lasting relationships with potential clients due to the ability to send a linkedin connection request.

In fact, 98% of B2B content marketers reported that they used LinkedIn for generating leads and sales. However, only 29% said the same for Instagram. 

LinkedIn is a growing network, with a gold mine of decision makers and thought leadership. With 675 million monthly users, there is no doubt that hundreds, if not thousands, of LinkedIn users are valuable leads for your business. 

Tips and Tricks

We’ve created a list of our favourite tips and tricks on how to generate sales leads through LinkedIn.

Make your linkedin profile attractive 

Before you can even consider generating sales and leads on LinkedIn, you need to take a long hard look at your own LinkedIn profile. The way you present yourself in your profile is key to your success in lead and sales generation on LinkedIn. With such an abundance of users, it can seem daunting to find ways to make yourself stand out. However, there are a few simple things you can do to boost your profile.

Take a look at your headline 

The most popular default setting for your LinkedIn headline is “Job Role – Company Name.” While this does the job, it says little about you as a person. If your headline is the first thing that potential customers see when they click on your profile, it should be a bit more interesting! By all means include your job role and company name, however, you have 120 characters, so use them! Tell your potential leads what YOU could do for THEM. If you’re in project management, tell everyone about your ability in leading successful projects. If you work in consultancy, boast about the sound advice you can offer, and how you’ve helped others in the past. 

Check your summary

Once you’ve transformed your headline into a punchy and enticing statement, the next thing potential leads will be interested in is your summary. Make your summary engaging and readable. Your summary should read like a short story, focusing on the most interesting and notable points of your professional career. This demonstrates to the reader that you’re personable and well rounded. A good way to draw these leads in is through beginning the summary with a short sentence similar to that of your headline. A thought provoking sentence that will encourage the reader to click the “see more” button. 

Post relevant content 

Another way to generate sales is to enrich your activity with shared and posted content that reflects your passion for and knowledge of your industry. Having a rich activity feed with insightful information related to your industry, will increase the likeliness that your potential clients will trust you. Your approach to your posted and shared content should take a 75 – 22 ratio. 75% of content posted should be unrelated to your business specifically, but to the broader market. This demonstrates your knowledge of your industry, and implies you wish solely to share knowledge, not just to sell something. Only 25% of the information posted should be a hard sell of your business or product. This 75% content can include anything you like, however more image-based content, such as videos and infographics, are proven to get a higher level of interaction. Try and post an update regularly. Make your name known in the feeds of your connections. 

Engage with your feed

While posting regularly helps enrich your feed, it’s pointless if you never engage with your new connections. This doesn’t mean you like a friend’s post every once in a while. Engage in discussions in the comment sections of posts, and share things you find interesting. LinkedIn’s algorithm ensures that those who engage more frequently with their connections will ensure you appear more on other LinkedIn profiles’ feeds. Joining LinkedIn groups is also beneficial in generating sales, as you can expand your LinkedIn network as you can connect with people within your industry. This can help by generating sales from within your own industry. It can also be a way to observe how the big figures in your industry manage their linkedin, and how they utilise it to generate leads. 

Utilise LinkedIn’s tools 

LinkedIn provides a great deal of tools that helps generate sales for businesses. On other social media platforms, marketing tends to fall under a generalised, broad demographic. However, on LinkedIn, you’re able to target a “micro-demographic,” a much more niche, tailored target audience suited to your business needs. LinkedIn’s tools help achieve this. Their advanced search option can help you tailor your search down to geographic location, industry, profile language, company, and more. Sales Navigator, LinkedIn’s premium tool for lead generation, lets you filter your advanced search even more specifically, including targeting only decision makers. Take advantage of these tools. 

Use Lead Magic 

Finally, the best way to generate sales on LinkedIn is by using a lead generation automation tool. Lead Magic is the perfect tool for all varieties of businesses. Our cloud based software runs in the background, so you can carry on focusing on your business, while we do the work. We send out personalised and highly engaging copy written by our dedicated team, to lists of specialised leads tailored to your business. Our bespoke service has proven to generate sales, and you’ll see a return of investment within months. We have a variety of packages with different attributes, demonstrating our ability to adapt to YOU, not the other way round. Book a free demo today.

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