Lead Generation Campaign on LinkedIn

lead generation campaign on linkedin

Lead Magic is here to help ensure the most successful lead generation campaign on Linkedin. Generating high quality leads is crucial for businesses, new and old, but particularly for startups or those entering a new market. Social media has become the key method for launching new marketing campaigns. 

LinkedIn advertising, however, is unlike other social networks. Facebook ads and Instagram marketing target consumer audiences. As a professional network with over 706 million users, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for generating new business leads. This is proven by the statistic that 97% of B2B Content Marketers use LinkedIn to generate new leads and market their brand. In fact, a study by Hubspot discovered that marketing campaigns on LinkedIn are 277% more likely to generate new leads than Twitter and Facebook.

So. It’s safe to say your business could do with a stronger LinkedIn marketing campaign. But how can you do that without an expensive campaign manager, large budget for ads on linkedin, and a lot of spare time to spend on ad format and sponsored inmail copy?

linkedin lead generation meeting

Our Tips

Our highly skilled and experienced team of lead generators have put our heads together to create the top four things you need to do to generate leads on linkedin. 

Upgrade your linkedin profile 

One crucial way to ensure you can generate the most leads on LinkedIn is by upgrading your LinkedIn profile. You wouldn’t turn up to a prospective client meeting unprepared and looking unprofessional, so you’re LinkedIn shouldn’t imply this either. 

Update your headline to make your profile more enticing. The majority of LinkedIn profiles have the usual “Job Title – Company Name.” Informative as this is, it gives no insight into your skills, your achievements, or you as a person. You have 120 characters in your headline bar, use them! JobScan suggests that your LinkedIn profile headline should focus on your prospective. Explain what YOU can do for THEM. If you’re a social media consultant, tell your prospective leads how you can master their social media presence. If you’re a project manager, boast of your ability to lead successful project campaigns. 

Once you’ve created an enticing headline to draw in new leads to your LinkedIn profile, it’s time to improve the profile itself. Your summary should be engaging, accessible, and readable, like a short story of your career path. Highlight the interest parts of your career to emphasise your versatility and skill. Your summary is also a useful place to improve conversion rates. Add in links to your business’ landing pages. Each click creates more traffic to your business site, and if your summary is interesting and engaging, these interested leads will be likely to click. 

Work out your target audience

Spend the time to work out who your target audience for lead generation will be. LinkedIn has amazing features which help you whittle down your search to discover specialised groups of leads. Their advanced search tool can filter out profiles based on geographical location, industry, company name, and job title. By using this tool, you can discover the size of your target audience, helping you tailor your profile and content for them. 

Create relatable and engaging content

To follow from the previous point, therefore; create relatable and engaging content targeted towards your prospective target audience. Ensure that 75% of your content posted is unrelated to your business specifically. Sharing an industry report or insightful information demonstrates to potential leads that you’re knowledgeable and passionate about your industry. This helps develop a bond of trust between you and your leads. 

Image-based content is processed 60 thousand times as quicker in the brain than text. Therefore, ensure high levels of interaction by posting images, videos, and infographics. 

Try and post daily. As only 1% of LinkedIn’s monthly active users create weekly content, your frequent posts will travel far. Ensure that you engage with your connections’ posts. Discuss with other people in the comment sections. This means that your profile name will show up more frequently in your connections’ feeds, resulting in an increased probability that your leads will recognise and trust your brand. 

Use Lead Magic’s Lead Generation Platform 

Not to toot our own horn, but Lead Magic is crucial for a successful lead generation campaign on LinkedIn. 

Our cloud-based automation tool is perfect for any business wishing to boost sales and increase brand awareness. You can sit back while our automated tool does all the work. Alongside this, our dedicated account team will create highly engaging and tailored sales copy to send to your target audience. This copy is proven to generate new leads. 

Our personalised, live dashboard provides detailed information on your lead generation campaign in real time. Through conversion tracking and lead outreach, we provide everything you need to boost your business. 

Our specialised approach means we can tailor our service for all sectors and business needs, and our range of different packages demonstrates this. We have worked with tech startups to recycling companies, offering them all specialised services which saw a huge increase in sales for their business. We combine a high tech automation tool with a human touch, to ensure maximum, personalised results for you and for your prospective clients. 

We can ensure a positive return of investment, more cost effective and extensive than any other lead generation platform. We can connect with up to 100 targeted leads per day.

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