Lead Generation for Construction Companies

lead generation for construction companies

Are you looking to land more customers for your construction business?

If the answer is YES, we have a proven and cost effective solution which will deliver more inbound leads to your sales team. Our lead generation system will generate highly targeted, niche leads for your business. Lead generation for construction companies has never been easier.
Our marketing strategy is simple: combine a bespoke automation tool and a dedicated sales team, and you have the most effective and efficient lead generation campaign.
Construction leads can be hard to develop through digital marketing campaigns. Word of mouth is the default for a successful uk construction business. However, more and more top performing companies in the construction industry are turning to online marketing to generate sales leads that are more valuable and long term.
Don’t get left behind.
Lead Magic offers the perfect solution for construction companies who wish to generate potential clients who are interested.

Why Lead Magic is the most effective solution?

Lead Magic is your golden ticket to a successful lead generation campaign. We generate high quality, tailored leads for your business. Lead Magic utilises the professional network platform, LinkedIn, using our top quality automation tool to generate leads. 

Our automation tool is cloud-based. This essentially means that your work load is lifted from your shoulders, as you can let the tool run on in the background while you focus on other areas of your business. 

On top of our high-tech automation tool, we also offer a highly personalised service from our dedicated sales team. A lead generation campaign is only successful when your leads feel like they’re important (which they are!). This is why we write you captivating sales copy that is unique to your desired target audience. 

We have an easy to use online platform. Here, you can track the success of your campaign, viewing numbers of connection acceptance, interactions, and hot leads. This real time platform is also perfect to track your Return of Investment (ROI). 

Lead Magic’s service provides better value than other digital marketing campaigns for lead generation. Pay Per Click often results in high expenditure with little company gain. Lead Magic skips the tedium of unpersonalised, broad social media adverts, and instead goes straight to the clients you want. We target project leads that are ideal for your business. The more specific the niche, the better! 

In addition, our system works at a much quicker rate than content marketing on social media. We chat directly to your potential clients. Sending 100 connection requests out a day, with personalised, targeted messages, you’re guaranteed to see the results. 

Why Linkedin is the ultimate gold mine for your construction business

linkedin lead generation for construction workers

LinkedIn is the perfect tool for lead generation for construction companies. In order to discover the perfect partners and clients for your construction projects, you need specific leads that match your criteria. LinkedIn has an advanced search tool function.

This means you can filter you search results to exact geographical location, specific industry and sub-set of

that industry, and level of authority within their company. You can even find the email address of decision makers on LinkedIn.

All of LinkedIn’s 700+ members are part of a professional network. Therefore, locating and contacting potential clients is a natural part of the platform’s function. LinkedIn even has its own tool, Sales Navigator, that helps the search of new leads. 

Getting The Most From Lead Magic

To get the most out of Lead Magic, it is worth spending time on your LinkedIn to make it as representative of your and your business as possible. 

Share a blog post on the newest innovations in construction, or share an interesting story about one of your employees or clients. Make your headline interesting and enticing. Our marketing team has created an ultimate guide to getting your LinkedIn profile seen. The more your profile is appealing and personable, the more leads will equate this to a thriving business with top-tier customer service.

lead generation for construction workers

If you want to find out more about how Lead Magic can transform your business, book a free demo today. 

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