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LinkedIn as a social networking platform has been widely celebrated by professionals and marketing experts for its powerful lead generation tools leading to potential customers and connection requests. Below Lead Magic explores why this is, what the tools are, and what the lead generation tools for LinkedIn have to offer vs. other platforms.

Lead Generation Tools LinkedIn Offers


LinkedIn sales navigator is a key platform in contributing to achieving your marketing targets. By using the marketing tool they have to offer including LinkedIn automation tools, you will be able to narrow down to people interested in your service and generate leads successfully. With the ability to use demographic data to reach your target audience through locations, job titles, and industries from a person’s LinkedIn profile, you are able to find accurate and worthwhile lead recommendations. This saves a lot of time for your business and is an efficient way to build up your sales.

LinkedIn also offers tools that give you real-time reporting to your marketing campaigns so you can keep on top of your businesses lead generation. They also offer conversion tracking to measure your ads on LinkedIn and how effective they are for your sales funnel. When using ads as a tool on LinkedIn users are able to directly click and add their profile data including contact information and their phone number, leading to accurate information on your leads.

LinkedIn automation tools can be incredibly handy to help control the growing number of leads you are generating. Some LinkedIn automation tools include:

  • LinkedIn Message Sender
  • LinkedIn Group Members
  • LinkedIn Profile Scraper
  • LinkedIn Liker

Whilst the others speak for themselves, Linkedin Profile Scraper is a tool that visits each profile on your behalf and extracts all the data from the users that it visits. There are also other software’s available to do this including elink pro (which can be applied as a chrome extension) and is available for a free trial. This software provides the ability to view LinkedIn profiles for you (up to 5,000 a week) and then the visibility for them to then visit your profile. This can be an incredibly handy tool, automating what would usually take up a lot of time doing manually. This can then increase connections and potentially generate further leads for your business.

Both LinkedIn and elink pro mention how your profile can affect the results of this automated tool, and how to make a better LinkedIn profile for potential customers to view. These can include choosing the right profile picture; make sure to use a professional image with no distractions. You should also list your relevant skills/experience, request recommendations, and ensure that the services which you have to offer are centre staged. If you take care of creating your profile and realise the importance of it, this can massively affect the number of connections you make and leads generated.

As a business, using lead generation tools for LinkedIn can be incredibly beneficial for your workload and time spent building your business. Having many of the tools automated, you can half the time which would be spent making connections, spending time on growing other projects, expanding your personal network, and allocating more time to creating unique and creative content for your new leads to view; resulting in more sales!

Why Linkedin Is The Top Social Media Platform For Lead Generation

The marketing tool which LinkedIn offers trumps all other social media platform attempts. Studies have shown that 62% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn sales navigator and automation tools manage to successfully generate leads, being twice as many as the next social platform. Whilst others feel overloaded with ads, studies show that they are not as effective. Linked in says that their lead conversion rates are 3x higher than other major ad platforms, which is a huge statistic to keep in mind. 

As well as the lead generation tools which LinkedIn provides, there are other effective ways businesses can generate leads through social networking platforms. By ensuring the content you share is personalised to your audience and provokes conversation this can result in a huge growth in leads due to the opportunity of content being shared or being searched for by new customers. Some examples of creative content that is known to perform well are social media graphics and videos, these can be highly engaging and provide a clear yet creative way to let your audience understand the services you have to offer. Other marketing tools used can be the sharing of your own and other blog posts relating to your offerings on platforms such as LinkedIn which is a great way to increase your website traffic. If your business uses lead generation tools and the correct marketing strategies sharing regular and engaging content, we can ensure that your leads will grow rapidly.

How Lead Magic Can Generate Leads

Here at Lead Magic, we create highly targeted and personalised messages to ensure we are speaking to people who are really interested in what you have to offer. We are able to provide you with an affordable package using our AI system combining human and machine, to create killer campaigns for your business. You will also be given access to our Lead Magic dashboard where you will be able to access each campaign, ensuring you understand exactly how we are helping you generate leads. We will take care of everything, all you have to do is sit back and watch the leads fly in. 

Each of our packages available can cater to small and larger businesses. Pricing starts at £399 / month (Lead Magic) including:


  • Account Set Up For You
  • Ongoing Platform Support
  • Highly Engaging Sales Copy


£599 / month (Lead Magic Pro) including:


  • Account Set Up For You
  • Ongoing Platform Support
  • Highly Engaging Sales Copy
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • One hour monthly business strategy call (limited offer only)​


£1095 / month (Lead Magic Premium) including:


  • Account Set Up For You
  • Ongoing Platform Support
  • Highly Engaging Sales Copy
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • One hour monthly business strategy call (limited offer only)
  • Fully Managed Inbox
  • Booked Appointments with Decision Makers

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