Lead Generation Using LinkedIn

lead generation using linkedin

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is a crucial element of any sales and marketing department in a business. Lead generation is how businesses initiate consumer interest, and thus leads are invaluable for any business offering a product or service. Creating a successful lead generation campaign will ensure a rise in new clients, and thus a rise in sales. 

However, it is important to not view your lead generation campaign as simply getting as many leads as possible. Lead generation campaigns should focus on gaining the right leads. Leads that are more likely to convert to clients, close deals faster, and generate higher revenue. Your leads should add value to your business. It is important to strike the balance between generating a high number of leads, and generating leads of high value.

There are four ways to judge the success of lead generation: 

  • Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) – measuring the numeric volume of leads. This helps demonstrate how effective your lead generation campaign is at finding leads
  • Sales Accepted leads (SALs) – these are leads that have the right characteristics to work with the sales department, with the high possibility of a deal taking place
  • Conversion rates – tracking how many leads result in a closed deal 
  • Return of Investment (ROI) – measuring the amount of revenue created from the deals

As a marketer, your ability to generate new leads is often the measure of your success. However, utilising these four factors helps demonstrate the strength of your contribution long term to your company. 

MQLs and SALs demonstrate your contribution in real time; the success of your campaign at face value. Conversion rates and ROI, however, demonstrate the extent to which you are bringing in qualified leads that add value to your business. High MQLs and SALs, but little to no conversion rates and ROI, is not a successful marketing campaign. Therefore reinforcing our point that creating large amounts of valuable and interested leads makes for the most successful campaign.

lead generation using linkedin

Why LinkedIn?

Lead Generation using LinkedIn is a crucial new way to generate valuable leads for your business. LinkedIn has over 7.06 million monthly users, all of which belong to some professional network. LinkedIn is a goldmine of potential customers for your business. 

What makes LinkedIn so valuable is its advanced search function. 

LinkedIn advanced search allows you to customise your lead search, and filter down your search results to encompass solely your target audience. This includes the industry they work in, their geographical location, their specific job title and their company.

If you have Sales Navigator, LinkedIn’s premium service for lead generation, your advanced search can be even more specific. You can filter down to decision makers only, or define the number of years an individual has worked for an organisation. This valuable tool ensures you can find lists of specific, tailored leads within a few minutes. 

Generating leads on Linkedin is, therefore, crucial for a successful digital marketing campaign. 

How to ensure your LinkedIn is in tip-top shape for a lead generation campaign

LinkedIn’s professional network is at your fingertips to generate leads, however, if your profile is poor quality, the probability that these leads will trust your brand is minimal. There are a number of ways you can improve the quality of your LinkedIn. 

Make your LinkedIn profile stand out

LinkedIn headlines are the perfect place to sell yourself and your business. However, many LinkedIn profiles have the default setting of “job title – company.” If you are using your LinkedIn profile for a lead generation campaign, it is important that your headline is eye-catching, making users want to click on your profile.

Tell your potential qualified lead what YOU can do for THEM. Decision makers are much more likely to want to view your profile if you immediately sell yourself and your brand in the bio. For your LinkedIn company page, you want a headline that details exactly what you do, also focusing on how your business can provide for others. 

On Lead Magic’s LinkedIn, our company headline is: We provide an effective, affordable and results-driven lead generation system using the power of LinkedIn. 

One member of our staff’s headline is: Helping businesses find new customers with highly targeted and personalised lead generation. 

It is important to draw in these clients by offering them exactly what they want. 

Lead generation using linkedin profile

Create Captivating Content

Another way to make an attractive LinkedIn is by focusing on your content marketing. Create captivating content on your LinkedIn to help develop bonds of trust with your current connections, and get your name out there for prospective connections. Share other accounts’ posts within your industry to demonstrate your support for fellow businesses and competitors, while also demonstrating your engagement with your industry’s thought leadership.

Share visual content too. It is processed in the brain 60 thousand times faster than textual content. Visual content is easy to digest and allows potential leads to scroll quickly through your profile without getting bored. You want to draw people in, making them more likely to convert to your landing page or respond to a call to action. 

Lead Magic

Out of all the LinkedIn lead generation strategies, however, Lead Magic is your best trick in generating leads that satisfy MQLs, SALs, Conversion rates, and ROI. 

Lead Magic is a LinkedIn automation tool, combined with a dedicated marketing team, to help businesses excel in lead generation. Our cloud-based AI platform sends highly targeted, personalized messages to your target audience via LinkedIn. Unlike sponsored inmail or spam to an email address, our team will ensure that all sales copy is highly engaging, and is tailored uniquely to your business. 

As our tool is automated, you can sit back and focus on other areas of your business, while Lead Magic does it all for you. 

If you sign up to our LinkedIn Pro and LinkedIn Premium packages, you will also get your own dedicated campaign manager. This takes even more pressure off your business to implement a successful campaign on your own. Thus combining human and machine to ensure you get the most out of your Lead magic package. 

Lead Magic will get you speaking to quality leads that are interested in your business, so you can focus on converting, instead of tirelessly persuading. 

We have helped clients across a variety of sectors, from tech startups to recycling companies. The success of their campaigns reinforces our promise of an entirely bespoke and tailored experience for your business. 

Our online platform is easy to use and efficient. It tells you how successful your campaign is, in real time. It helps you track your lead response rate, and your Return of Investment. 

Check out our packages: Lead Magic, Lead Magic Pro, and Lead Magic Premium, to see what is right for you. The Lead Magic package offers a helping hand with a full account, platform support, and engaging sales copy. Lead Magic Premium, on the other hand, offers a fully managed inbox and the whole campaign run by one of our dedicated account managers. Regardless of what your business needs, we have the answer for you.

Book a free demo today, so we can show you how awesome our platform is. 

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