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Find your ideal clients with our highly targeted and personalised lead generation packages that will get you speaking to people interested in the insurance deals you have to offer. Say goodbye to spending hour upon hour trying to sell to people that aren’t interested and let Lead Magic do all the work for you.

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qualified leads directly to your sales team

We provide an effective, affordable and results-driven lead generation system that will get you speaking to decision-makers that are genuinely interested in the insurance deals you have to offer. Stop wasting time and money cold calling and start speaking to people that want to hear from you.

Our highly-targeted software means you will only reach out to high spending clients in the sectors and job roles that suits your needs. We will even tailor each campaign to the company to ensure maximum results and will write highly engaging sales copy that is specific to what you are offering.

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Get an average of 15-20 high quality leads every week

Get an average of 15-20 high quality leads every week

Get an average of 15-20 high quality leads every week

We Solve the problem of lead generation

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Have your Lead Magic account set up in minutes and start engaging with targeted prospects.

Increase number Of inbound leads

Our cloud based AI system allows you to sit back whilst Lead Magic takes care of the campaign. Lead Magic works whilst your sales team isn't.

clear reporting to measure ROI

All of our clients have access to our Lead Magic dashboard which shows the success of each campaign. For pro and premium subscriptions you will get sent a detailed monthly report from your dedicated account manager.

Our Packages

Lead Magic

£399 / Month

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£599 / Month

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£1095 / Month

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Frequently Asked Questions

The number of leads each of our customers receives does vary depending on the sector & the length of time the campaign has been running. Typically we see anywhere between 5 to 15 leads per week. Speak to our team to get more insight into your specific sector.

We don’t believe in long term contracts and you’re free to leave Lead Magic whenever you like. All we ask is for 30 days notices. It’s working mentioning that very few clients leave us, especially the extraordinary value we offer.

We’ve worked with a huge variety of different sectors including financial solutions, waste & recycling, technology, music & entertainment, workplace services & more. Lead Magic can help you create a campaign which will give you the best chance for success. Book in a discovery call and we’ll be delighted to go through your specific needs.

Absolutely! If you decide to upgrade your package at any point we can do this for you. It’s quite common

Absolutely! We often find that happy clients want to multiple in their organisation to benefit from Lead Magic. You’ll just need a Linkedin profile & the sales navigator upgrade. 

For Lead Magic to work effectively, you’ll need to ensure the Linkedin profile you’re connected to has sales navigator. Quite often, Linkedin have offers on upgrade options. One of our account managers will be happy to discuss further.

Depending on the sector, package and type of campaign our client run; it usually takes a couple of weeks to get new leads. 

Our platform has safety features and AI integration to ensure your outreach emulates human behaviour.

We offer bespoke discount packages for customers who have more than 3 accounts, this depends on the package. Please contact us if you wish to discuss these options.

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