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linkedin automation tools

Businesses internationally are turning digital for their principal form of marketing; raising awareness for their brands, reaching their target audience, and generating leads. LinkedIn’s professional network has become unparalleled in its role in connecting individuals and businesses across the globe. Lead generation, in particular, has become increasingly sought after through LinkedIn. It has been a focus of many businesses in increasing B2B sales. Yet, as the leading, most popular platform in business relations, lead generation on LinkedIn can be time consuming, tedious, and with little positive return. The use of LinkedIn automation tools to assist in lead generation is crucial in boosting your business. Not only to increase the volume of connections, but to do so with tailored leads, while also spreading brand awareness. LinkedIn automation tools are crucial in running successful lead generation campaigns in a new age of digital marketing dominance.

Lead Magic helps your business land new clients with highly targeted and personalised lead generation packaging. Our cloud based Linkedin automation tool combined with our human touch is a winning formula for success. We’ve helped businesses in many different sectors land appointments with decision makers which lead to sales. Lead Magic is the ultimate tool for businesses wishing to grow and find more clients. We will tailor the campaign to your business, ensuring a personalised experience for both you and the leads we generate for you. This personalisation ensures maximum results, and we will write highly engaging sales copy unique to what you are selling.

Lead Magic works better than any chrome extension, which are often bad for productivity and tracking return on investment. As Lead Magic is cloud based, it can run in the background as you go about your day. Say goodbye to investing hours in trying to link with uninterested leads, and let Lead Magic do all the work for you. Lead Magic has no long term commitment. Because we’re so confident about our product, you’re free to leave whenever you like. Our clients see a positive ROI very quickly, usually just a few months however this can be a lot quicker in some sectors.

How our LinkedIn automation tool works

Our automation tool works with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, their lead generation service with LinkedIn Premium. We create lists of specific leads personalised to your business and desired target audience. Lead Magic’s bespoke automation software increases profile views on LinkedIn accounts and auto connects with tailored leads. In addition, Lead Magic sends personalised and captivating copy proven to draw in these potential clients. Our approach ensures a high volume of responses from LinkedIn profiles. You can sit back and watch as Lead Magic brings in dozens of highly targeted leads every month, filling your inbox with interested prospective clients, increasing sales. On top of this, this LinkedIn automation tool creates unparalleled brand awareness.

Lead Magic has a live dashboard with specific and detailed information about your LinkedIn automation campaign, in real time. Therefore, our platform and tracking system creates a clear and accessible report to measure the success of your lead generation campaign, and thus, your return of investment.



LinkedIn Lead Generation


We wanted to ensure that a variety of businesses, with different needs, budgets, and skills, were able to use our automation tool, so we made three separate packages to tailor to any business’ needs.

Lead Magic is our first package, which sets you up with a full Lead Magic account. In addition, we will give you ongoing tailored and varied platform support, ensuring you have the tools and advice needed to make the most out of your lead generation campaign. Finally, not only do we offer a LinkedIn automation tool, but we will write you highly engaging sales copy. This sales copy is tailored uniquely to your business, to input into Lead Magic to ensure the highest volume of lead interest.

Lead Magic Pro is our second package, and offers all the wonderful things above, plus more! As well as a Lead Magic account, ongoing platform support, and engaging sales copy, the Lead Magic Pro package provides you with your own dedicated account manager. Your account manager will work closely and directly with your business to ensure bespoke and trusted advice and guidance, reinforcing our ethos of ensuring a human touch. In addition to this, Lead Magic Pro includes a monthly business strategy call, which alone would be worth £500 usually. This consultation will bring your business invaluable knowledge on business strategy, from an entrepreneur and business expert.

Lead Magic Premium is our ultimate package. This is tailored to time starved, highly driven companies, where you really can sit back and let Lead Magic do it all. You will receive all the benefits from above; a Lead Magic account, ongoing platform support, engaging sales copy, a dedicated account manager, and an invaluable monthly business strategy call. In addition, your inbox will be fully managed by your account manager. This is really valuable for businesses with little time to focus on lead generation. As well as this bespoke service, we will provide you with booked appointments with decision makers, generating guaranteed positive responses for your business.

Why our clients are so happy

We can continue to tell you how great Lead Magic is, but why don’t you see and hear it for yourself from our previous clients. The repeat success in these diverse sectors demonstrate Lead Magic’s ability to tailor its campaign strategy to you, and create a unique service proven to increase your business’ success.

A recycling and waste management company uses Lead Magic for a lead generation campaign which resulted in their sales team engaging with blue chip retailers & large manufacturers. Their Director of Sales, praised our automation tool: “Using the Lead Magic premium service means I spend more time talking to people who are genuinely interested in what we have to say. More time converting & less time prospecting!”

Another really happy client is a music services business “The Famous Company” who’ve been using Lead Magic to find new B2B clients. Here’s what their account manager Amy Young had to say:
“Since starting our campaign in early 2020, it’s been a revelation having highly targeted sales leads arrive in our inbox. The platform is easy to use and the results have seen our business double in the last 6 months”

Our bespoke automation tool ends the demotivating struggle of convincing uninterested clients to invest in your business, and instead frees up more time to focus on your business. Our cloud based software helped these businesses increase sales, without needing a huge team of sales experts churning out connection requests by hand.

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