Linkedin Lead Generation

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Generating quality leads is a consistent challenge for businesses, especially those new to the business world, or those interested in entering a new market. The rise of the technological age has caused businesses to turn to social media platforms for their digital marketing needs. These platforms serve to raise brand awareness, reach target audiences, and most importantly, for generating leads. LinkedIn lead generation has taken the business world by storm in the last decade.

A study by Hubspot found that LinkedIn advertising is 277% more likely to generate leads than Facebook and Twitter. Efficient and effective lead generation is crucial for the success of a business. By initiating consumer interest, you increase brand awareness and spiked interest in your product. In addition, generating large amounts of leads increases the probability of interaction with decision makers. 

B2B marketers, in particular, promote the value of LinkedIn lead generation. LinkedIn drives over 50% of social traffic to B2B sites. Unsurprisingly, therefore, 97% of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn for marketing and lead generation. LinkedIn’s unparalleled business network is the perfect place for your business to find clients. 

Lead Magic - the New Face of Lead Generation

LinkedIn lead generation strategies are hard to find, however, Lead Magic makes it simple and easy to use. Lead Magic is an automation tool that helps your business with LinkedIn lead generation. We work alongside LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, creating specific lists of leads within your target audience. This bespoke automation tool increases LinkedIn profile views, and connects with tailored leads. Our devoted team will also write you captivating sales copy proven to attract potential clients tailored to your business. Sit back and observe as Lead Magic brings in dozens of new clients monthly. Not only will your inbox be filled with interested prospective clients, but our automated tool will ensure wide reaching brand recognition and awareness. 

Our live dashboard shows our campaigns on Linkedin in real time, with detailed information about the progress and success of your campaign. Our tracking system is clear and accessible, making it easy to track your success and return of investment. 

We believe in the importance of personalised lead generation. That is why our cloud based platform has a human touch, ensuring a bespoke experience for you and your prospective clients. Your target audience will receive LinkedIn ad campaigns tailored closely to your business. If you are a business wishing to build your client base and grow within your industry, Lead Magic is the perfect tool for you.

LinkedIn’s sponsored inmails often get overlooked due to their generalisation. In addition, the cost per lead in sponsored inmails is overpriced. However, Lead Magic’s personalisation ensures maximum ROI as our highly engaging sales copy is unique to you. We guarantee high rates of lead response and maximum results.  

Lead Magic’s cloud based platform allows you to sit back and relax as it runs in the background. We do not ask for long term commitment. We are so confident of the effectiveness of Lead Magic, that you are free to leave when you like. Our clients see a Return of Investment within the first few months, and sometimes even quicker! 

We have three amazing packages, all offering different services, depending on your business’ needs, budget, and current marketing skills. These varied packages reflect Lead Magic’s ability to tailor our service to fit the needs of your business. 

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LinkedIn Top Tips

Before starting with Lead Magic, here are some top tips to ensure you get the most out of our platform. 

Find your target audience 

Acknowledging who the industries are that you are targeting, as well as the industry that you function within, is crucial for any successful business. With LinkedIn, they offer a number of functions that heighten your status. Joining a LinkedIn group helps to keep connected within your industry. These groups also allow you to connect with big names in your industry. You can observe how they use LinkedIn to generate leads and market effectively.

Once you have achieved industry contacts and scoped the competition, you can adjust your target audience lens. LinkedIn makes this easy with a search function that filters to your desired industry. Identifying a specific target audience for your business allows Lead Magic to begin making personalised lists to begin its’ LinkedIn Lead Generation campaign. 

Transform your headline

The common trend for LinkedIn profile headers is to state your job title and company name. However, if you wish to use your LinkedIn profile for successful lead generation, you need to make your header stand out. Make those 120 characters enticing and punchy. Promote yourself through your headline. The prospective clients generated through Lead Magic will be able to see what value you bring to their business without even communicating with you. They can read your headline and immediately acknowledge the value your business has.

Share engaging content 

Share content on your profile that depicts your knowledge and passion for your industry. LinkedIn profiles visit your page and see that you have been sharing insightful information about your industry. This develops their trust in you and your brand, increasing your conversion rates. Most importantly, share content that gets high levels of interaction, such as image-based content, specifically videos and infographics. Posting daily is also important, so that you show up frequently on your connections’ feeds. The more you post, the higher the frequency of connection interaction, resulting in your brand name appearing on the feed more often. This increases the probability that your tailored leads will recognise your brand and trust it. 

Acknowledge Email Addresses 

LinkedIn is the most important tool to generate quality leads for your business. That being said, do not ignore the impact that email can have in assisting your business growth. Spamming multiple businesses via email is not advised. That being said, having access to decision makers’ emails is useful. Many LinkedIn profiles include an email address. It is worth noting down those of decision makers, as a two-pronged approach to targeting these influential figures can be highly effective.


If you want to start generating more leads for your business, use Lead Magic. It is the ultimate tool to help your business grow. Our automated system combined with our human touch creates the perfect way to generate leads on LinkedIn.

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