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linkedin lead generation software

Despite the growing popularity of LinkedIn as a platform for lead generation, the availability of LinkedIn lead generation software is hard to come by. Lead Magic is a linkedin automation tool which sends automated connections on LinkedIn to personalised sales prospects. Here’s why your business needs Lead Magic to expand your client network and boost sales.

Why LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn is the perfect platform for B2B lead generation. The network is growing rapidly, and currently boasts over 700 million users. This is not the largest of the social media platforms, however LinkedIn is the largest professional platform, and thus is perfect for generating leads for your business. 

Statistics show that over 44% of LinkedIn users take home more than £75,000 per year. This means that a great deal of 

decision makers use the platform. LinkedIn allows you to tailor your target audience with their advanced search. If you have LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can in fact target only decision makers on the advanced search option. 

The ability to tailor your marketing efforts to niche areas of industry, geographical location, and specific companies without even having premium is hugely beneficial for any B2B marketing team. 

As LinkedIn continues to grow, it has recently become one of the top platforms for job hunting and employment. This demonstrates again the credibility LinkedIn has as a professional network in bringing together like minded individuals, interested in collaborating in a professional setting.

What is Lead Magic?

Lead Magic is the perfect marketing tool to boost sales and increase brand awareness. Our cloud-based automation tool will connect with highly tailored leads and send out linkedin profile views notifications to prospective clients. Working through lists of tailored leads based on LinkedIn’s advanced search tool, our software will send out up to 100 connection requests with prospective leads daily. 

Our cloud-based element makes Lead Magic a great tool for busy businesses. You can focus on your current clients and growing your business, while Lead Magic does all the lead generation work for you!

When we send our connections, we also send a personalized message alongside it. These personalized messages are written by our dedicated sales team, and are tailored directly to your business. Our team has written engaging sales copy for a number of clients from a variety of industry sectors. This captivating sales copy is proven to draw in new clients. 

You can save a great deal of time that you would have previously spent on contacting uninterested leads. Instead, your marketing campaign is targeting leads that have a high probability of being interested in your business. While your inbox fills with intrigued leads, our tool is also ensuring your brand recognition is reaching far and wide across LinkedIn, due to profile views and connection requests. 

Our LinkedIn lead generation software has an accessible and easy to use dashboard. It shows your marketing campaign in real time. This makes it easy to track the success of the campaign, and analyse the groups of leads that interact with you more frequently. In addition, as the system is so detailed and accessible, it makes it easy to track your Return of Investment and success in the campaign.

We believe in the importance of personalised lead generation. That is why our cloud based platform has a human touch, ensuring a bespoke experience for you and your prospective clients. Your target audience will receive LinkedIn ad campaigns tailored closely to your business. If you are a business wishing to build your client base and grow within your industry, Lead Magic is the perfect tool for you.

Our Packages

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We have three packages perfect for any type of business. Our ability to tailor our service for different businesses reinforces our skills at personalising our service. 

Our Lead Magic package sets you up with your own Lead Magic account. What comes with this is consistent and tailored support from our Lead Magic team to ensure you get the most out of your lead generation campaign. This includes personalised, engaging sales copy that is tailored to you and your specific lead lists. 

Our Lead Magic Pro package has additional benefits as well as all that is offered in the Lead Magic package. With Lead Magic Pro you are assigned your own personal account manager who is directly responsible for ensuring a successful lead generation campaign. Your account manager will provide you with trustworthy and bespoke guidance through the campaign. This benefit reinforces our focus on the human touch element of a successful campaign.

The Lead Magic Pro package also provides you with a business strategy call every month, offering you invaluable business knowledge to benefit your company beyond the lead generation campaign.

Our Lead Magic Premium package is the best package for businesses that are highly driven with little free time to spend on tracking and engaging with their Lead Magic campaign. We offer you all of the benefits from Lead Magic and Lead Magic Pro.

On top of this, your whole Lead Magic dashboard and inbox will be managed by one of our dedicated account managers. This benefit is perfect for time starved business who cannot spend time focusing on engaging with leads internally. The most valuable element of the Lead Magic Premium package is that we book you appointments with interested decision makers. This benefit guarantees a rise in positive responses.

Why Are We The Best?

There are limited linkedin lead generation tools out there. Those that are available offer only a small part of the many different elements of linkedin marketing that we offer. Octopus crm, for example, focuses on communication with first degree level connections. 

The reason Lead Magic is so unique is this combination of a unique and efficient automation tool and a human touch. Most marketing companies will focus on one or the other. Either a highly efficient lead generation automation tool, or a creative and dedicated marketing team. 

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