Linkedin Message Automation Tool

linkedin message automation tool

LinkedIn has become the most popular and wide reaching professional network of our day. LinkedIn accounts from across the globe continue to be created daily, resulting in the current statistic of 575 million users. This network of professionals is forever expanding, and many businesses have recognised the importance of utilising LinkedIn for their own benefit.

LinkedIn is also much more influential in lead generation than most other social media platforms. Hubspot did a recent study that demonstrated LinkedIn was 277% more successful at generating leads than Facebook and Twitter. Many businesses and individuals have recognised the value LinkedIn has for lead generation. A number of them have begun to use a LinkedIn message automation tool to assist their lead generation campaigns.

B2B LinkedIn marketing in particular, has become a common occurrence. 97% of B2B content marketers are currently using LinkedIn to generate leads. For B2B sales, LinkedIn is a goldmine for lead generation. You have a whole world of business professionals and decision makers at your fingertips to contact. 

LinkedIn lead generation, therefore, cannot be ignored as a new crucial element of discovering new clients. The platform invites  you to expand your professional network. Therefore, it makes sense for this network to include those who can help your own business grow. The layout of LinkedIn tailors itself for perfect lead generation. LinkedIn’s easy to use advanced search filters helps narrow down your target audience, making connection requests with the right people easier. It allows you to whittle down your options by geographical location, industry, current company of employment, and profile language.  

Sales Navigator, part of the LinkedIn Premium package, makes advanced searches even easier. Not only do they have the filters that regular LinkedIn has, but they also have many more. LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to filter an individual’s company headcount, seniority level, years in current position, and years of experience. These filters are crucial for successful lead generation, as they allow you to skip over the middle men and target decision makers directly. Sales navigator also allows you to compile lists of your advanced search results, or specific individuals, to return to at a later date. 

This process, however, can be time consuming and tedious, and often lead to little response. This is where lead magic comes in. Our LinkedIn message automation tool is the perfect way for your business to generate a large amount of leads and promote brand awareness. 

Lead Magic - the perfect linkedIn message automation tool

Lead Magic is an automated software that helps you generate personalised leads efficiently. This tool for Linkedin is cloud based. This means that we do all the leg work, while you focus on your business and close deals with leads.

We offer a completely personalised service to you. We will create specialised lists of leads via Sales Navigator. Our dedicated team will then write detailed and captivating sales copy, proven to generate new leads, to send to your desired target audience. This copy is unique to your business. Our platform will auto connect with hundreds of potential clients, including decision makers, and engage with them for you. The added benefit of our service is that it accesses linkedin profiles directly. This means that your leads receive profile views notifications, which helps spread brand awareness and raises your profile’s visibility. 

Our bespoke service has helped a wide range of clients, from recycling companies to tech start-ups. This demonstrates our ability to closely tailor our service to you. 

Lead Magic has an easy to use online platform, where you can track your lead generation progress in real time. The platform is efficient and simple to map lead interest and levels of connection acceptance. Our detailed and accessible reports make it easy to track your Return of Investment. 

Our ethos is unparalleled with other LinkedIn automation tools, such as dux soup and many chrome extensions. Our ethos is the importance of a human touch. Alongside being a digital automated software company, our team also ensures a unique and personalised experience for you and your leads. We listen to you.


We understand that different businesses have different expectations, skills, budget, and needs. That is why we offer three different packages to suit the needs of any business.

Lead Magic sets you up with a full Lead Magic account, linked to our real time cloud based platform. As well as this, our team will also provide you with frequent, tailored, and varied platform support. This ensures that you have all the tools and advice you need for a successful lead generation campaign. Alongside this, as promised, you will receive highly engaging sales copy, written by our dedicated team of account managers. This unique sales copy will be tailored personally to your business’ needs. By inputting this into Lead Magic, we ensure maximum levels of lead interest. 

Lead Magic Pro is our next package. With Lead Magic Pro, we give you everything the Lead Magic package has to offer, plus some added bonuses. Like Lead Magic, you will receive a Lead Magic account, and thus an ongoing live report of your lead generation campaign. You will also receive the bespoke platform support from our team, giving you guidance through your lead generation campaign. Finally, you will also receive the engaging sales copy from our fantastic team.

Now onto the bonuses! Not only do you get the copy from our team but you get a member of our team too! You will have a dedicated account manager to help run your campaign, and will be available for any queries. Your account manager will provide you with bespoke advice, reinforcing our promise of a human touch.

Your other bonus with Lead Magic Pro is a monthly business strategy call. These calls are invaluable. The consultation will provide you with invaluable business knowledge and strategies, expanding way beyond your Lead Magic LinkedIn campaign. This advice comes from a trusted entrepreneur and business expert. 

Lead Magic Premium is our most impressive and valuable package. This package is perfect for businesses that are highly driven with little free time for lead generation. With Lead Magic Premium you have complete freedom to sit back and let us do it all. Like Lead Magic and Lead Magic Pro, you get a Lead Magic account. You will also receive frequent platform support and advice, bespoke sales copy, a personal account manager, and a monthly strategy call.

However, this is not all. Your account manager will fully manage your inbox, a valuable asset for time starved businesses. Alongside this valuable bonus, we will ensure you booked appointments with decision makers. These appointments guarantee positive outcomes for your business.

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