LinkedIn Stories – Everything You Need To Know


LinkedIn has just launched an amazing new feature: LinkedIn Stories. This social media feature allows you to post photos and videos with added text, gifs, and filters, lasting 24 hours. LinkedIn did not create this concept, however, Snapchat conceived it back in October of 2013. Since then, almost all other social media platforms have adopted the function including Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp. Therefore, while LinkedIn is not an early adopter of the popular function, the unique nature of LinkedIn’s platform will transform the versatility and usage of stories.

How The Story Function Has Transformed Other Social Media Platforms

Instagram was recently voted the most popular for viewing stories out of all social media platforms. 1.7 billion instagram users interact with the stories feature daily. B2C and B2B marketers utilise instagram frequently to sell products and services. 99 firms found that 1 in 4 instagram users under 40 search stories for the products and services they wish to buy. Because of this, brands on Instagram make posts and stories almost equally. On top of this, instagram influencers use the story function more. Considering many influencers are sponsored by brands, this ensures a huge influx of brand visibility on the Instagram story function. 

This popularity of stories, therefore, must be noted when using the function on LinkedIn. With over 706 million users, Linkedin is the number one social network for B2B marketers. Utilising stories to sell your brand will revolutionise lead generation on LinkedIn. 

What should you be posting on your LinkedIn Stories?

LinkedIn Stories offers a more casual form of content sharing. However, it is important to not treat LinkedIn stories the same you would your Instagram or Snapchat stories, Business Insider advises. 

Strike the balance between personalising your brand and remaining professional. It is important to be able to humanise your brand on Linkedin, but you must ensure everything you post you would be happy for your manager, senior director, or prospective clients to see. 

Lead Magic has come up with a few content ideas for the new LinkedIn Stories feature: 

Behind the Scenes

One perfect way to utilise LinkedIn Stories to humanise your brand is by showing the Behind the Scenes of your brand. Forbes explains that showing behind the scenes content is the perfect way to demonstrate a less curated side of yourself and your brand. This could be by showcasing your office, or a “day in the life” of your working day. Being relatable and personable allows you to connect more with your linkedin network and connections, allowing you to build more clients and a stronger community. 

Top Tips and Hacks

Top Tips and Hack videos are one of the most popular contents on social media, particularly Facebook and Youtube. On LinkedIn, you can transform this content style to suit your professional network. Post stories with top tips on how to gain more leads, or hack videos for Adobe Creative Suite or SemRush. In addition to this, you could recommend the latest business articles you have been reading.

Brand announcements 

LinkedIn Stories are the perfect place to launch brand announcements. Combine it with a LinkedIn post also, to ensure the widest reach across your network. Make sure to include graphics and text to make the stories as eye catching as possible.   

Shout outs 

Shoutouts the perfect way to build in-house morale and productivity. Tag a co-worker in a story to demonstrate that you appreciate their hard work. Alternatively, shout out to a partner or client that you are working with. By cheering on your co-workers and clients, you promote your business with a positive ethos, which brings in a larger audience. 

Function Roll-Out

The function is accessible to all, but only available on the mobile app. In the immediate launch, the LinkedIn Story function was only available in the USA and Canada. It was then rolled out to higher level influencers globally. That being said, the LinkedIn Stories function will be available to all LinkedIn profiles by the end of the month.

How LinkedIn Stories can work with Lead Magic

Lead Magic’s bespoke software works perfectly with LinkedIn Stories. Once we build your LinkedIn network through our lead generation automation software, you can use LinkedIn Stories to build closer connections. Lead Magic is a cloud-based automation tool, combined with a human touch. But by personalising your brand even more with LinkedIn Stories, you are guaranteed to generate hot leads ready to speak with you or your sales team.


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