Marketing Lead Generation Services

marketing lead generation services

Lead generation through a marketing campaign is a crucial way to generate new sales leads. With the growth of social media and digital marketing, the options for lead generation have blossomed. There are a number of marketing lead generation services that can assist your business in new clients and b2b sales. Here are some pros and cons of the current most used marketing strategies.

Marketing Lead Generation Strategies for your Business

email marketing lead generation services

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is the circulation of a commercial message via to existing or potential clients.  



Most businesses check their emails daily, therefore, emails are a good platform to utilise for a marketing campaign as the exposure is high. 

There are a number of online software tools that can personalise your emails to each address you send it. This makes the recipient feel more important to the business, and this increases the probability of a sale. 


Most commercial businesses utilise email marketing. Therefore, it is easy for your email to be lost in a sea of other businesses your client or customer works with. It can often be difficult, therefore, for your email’s subject line to stand out enough that it gets clicked. 

Email marketing is much more successful for existing clients. Sending out email marketing to potential clients can often end up in spam folders. Even when it does go into their main inbox, it may not be clicked on. Email isn’t always seen as a personal, tailored service.  

Cold Calling 

Cold Calling is the act of reaching out to potential clients via phone call. They have had no prior interaction with the sales person on the phone, or with the business. 


cold calling marketing lead generation services


It is a beneficial experience for sales staff, as it builds skills in persuasive selling to potentially uninterested leads. It helps employees develop customer service skills and deal with difficult customers. 


This form of marketing is notorious. Attached to cold calling is the stereotype of interruptive and dated. Calling up unexpecting leads who have no prior knowledge of your business can often make people feel uncomfortable over the phone. Even if they could be a potential client, this method of phone calls makes any further interaction unlikely. 

In addition, as cold calling requires mass outgoing calls from multiple employees, this marketing strategy is very costly. 

Overall, this method is dated and inefficient. 

seo marketing lead generation services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

SEO is the act of improving traffic to your business website, improving quality and quantity. 


SEO can be completely free, it all depends on how much time and money you want to invest in finding keywords for your content. 

It also helps direct traffic directly to your website, and once traffic has arrived, the conversion rates are often high.


SEO is highly competitive. Unless your business is in an extremely niche market, chances are many other businesses provide a similar service. Getting your website to be top ranked on google, thus resulting in higher traffic, is a difficult task when there is so much competition. 

Content Marketing 

Content marketing involves creating, publishing, and distributing content on social media, designed to be viewed by a target audience. 

content marketing lead generation services


Engaging and interesting content is guaranteed to create brand awareness and trust. 

Content marketing can also be low cost, as you don’t need to pay fees to outsourced lead generation agencies like some other forms of marketing. 


Quality content marketing requires highly skilled content creators, which can often be expensive. Creating content is also often time consuming, and without a big sales team, this can be difficult to fit in. 

In addition, content marketing does not often show results straight away, which can be demotivating. 

Why Lead Magic is the fastest way to generate more loads

Lead Magic is an amazing new of lead generation agency that encompasses most of the “pros” from the prior list, and few of the “cons.” 

Lead Magic is a lead generation automation tool combined with a dedicated and highly skilled sales team. We find you highly tailored leads that are just waiting to do business with you. 

Lead Magic uses LinkedIn, the fast growing professional network, to find you new leads for your business. 

Our automated tool sends out up to 100 connection requests daily. However, this shouldn’t be confused with a cold calling marketing strategy. We pride ourselves on our human touch. We write highly tailored and captivating sales copy to send to your potential leads, and will contact potential clients that are guaranteed to have interest in your business. 

Our real time online platform will report to you all your inbound leads, interested potential clients, and your Return of Investment (ROI). Because our tool is cloud based, it takes the workload off your business. You can let Lead Magic run in the background while you focus on growing your business. 

With Lead Magic, you have the control. Many lead generation companies will keep their strategies a secret, but with Lead Magic, we’re completely transparent. We’re here to help your business grow.

Our variety of packages offer a range of beneficial services. We can even provide you with appointment setting with decision makers!

How Lead Magic can complement an overall marketing strategy

Lead Magic is perfect as a singular marketing tool for your business, but it can also be used to complement a wider lead generation campaign. Using Lead Magic’s LinkedIn campaign alongside email marketing, or SEO, will ensure your business generates high quality, tailored leads, turning interest into revenue. 

Book a free demo today to learn more about how Lead Magic is the perfect marketing lead generation service.

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