Your Ultimate Guide To Getting Your LinkedIn Profile Seen

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Rewrite that headline

LinkedIn’s default setting for your headline is your current job role and company name. However, your headline is the first thing people see when they view your profile, why make it boring? Make yours stand out by making it punchy and enticing … you have 120 characters, use them! Take the “So What?” approach. If you’re in sales, tell everyone how you can add value to their business. If you’re a project manager, boast about your ability to lead successful projects. 

Spend time on your summary

Once that punchy headline has enticed in some interested individuals, they will be greeted with your summary. Take the time to make your summary readable and engaging. Leave the bullet points for your job descriptions, and make your summary like a short story, drawing out the most interesting parts of your career path to show you’re personable and intriguing. A top tip: a short, provocative sentence at the start of your summary can often draw readers to continue reading. 

Share relevant content 

Take the time to share relevant content on your profile that demonstrates your knowledge and passion for the industry you work within. When people visit your profile and see that you have been sharing insightful information about your industry, there is a higher chance that they will trust you and your brand. Share content that gets higher levels of interaction, specifically more image-based content, such as videos and infographics, as well as statistics. Try and post daily. Ensure you’re not only showing a rich knowledge when your profile is viewed, but that you show up frequently on others’ feeds. 

Be visible

Not only should you be sharing relevant content frequently on your LinkedIn profile, but you should be engaging with your connections too. Now this should extend beyond a lazy like. Comment on their profiles and engage in discussions. Create or join LinkedIn groups (or both!), which help not only get your name out there in certain industry circles, but allow you to link with like-minded people and expand your network. By engaging with others on your LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn’s algorithm will, in turn, ensure you appear more frequently on others’ profiles, furthering your visibility reach. 


Hashtags may seem too “unprofessional” for LinkedIn, but in fact they are a very effective way to build your client base. Hashtags help to categorise content, and create an easy way for potential connections to find your posts. Many linkedin users will follow certain hashtags on LinkedIn, especially those searching for a specific service or information channel, and thus, by including relevant hashtags in your posts, you can drive already interested traffic onto your page. LinkedIn also helps you out by suggesting hashtags to add if you’re a bit stumped on what best to use. Be sure to check how many people are using and following the hashtags you’re using. Using highly popular hashtags runs the risk that your posts will be lost and overlooked. However, hashtags that have very few followers should be avoided too, as they’ll also go unnoticed. 

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